Rosa O.

Mi nombre es Rosa Orellana. Despues de mi accidente de carro, yo me sentia super mal. No podia dormir de tanto dolor. Yo pense que siempre iba
a estar con esos dolores pero no fue asi. Llegue a esta clinica y todo cambio. Mis dolores fueron desapareciendo de todas partes de mi cuerpo.
Ahora puedo dormir bien. Para mi es el mejor lugar que pude haber ido. Gracias doctor. Usted es un excelente, super doctor. Gracias a todos, muy amable. Dios los bendiga.

Wilfredo A.

Soy Wilfredo Aguilera. Le doy muchas gracias al doctor porque la verdad, despues de mi accidente todo me dolia. Mis brazos, cuello, hombros, espalda, la quijada me tronaba, pero ahora, despues de mis terapias, ya mejore. Mejore icreiblemente. Me siento muy bien, duermo bien, no tengo dolor gracias a Dios y el doctor. Muchas gracias a todos, muy amables, Dios los bendiga.

Andrea B.

Estoy muy agradecida con ellas y el doctor. Gracias a Dios, me siento mejor y me ayudaron a salir adelante. Nunca habia acudido a un abogado y mucho menos un quiropraqctico, pero ellos han tenido mucha pacienca y se los recomiendo.

Sara H.

Cuando tuve mi accidente, no sentia yo nada al principio hasta unos dias despues. En mi cuello, la espalda y cintura. Antes me dolia todo y ahora ya no mucho como antes.


Betty B.

When I first arrived, I had pain all over. Throughout time here I felt much better. I am able to get out of bed and walk with no discomfort. Coming here definitely helped me.

Maggie K.

When I first came in I was in a lot of pain and over the course of my visits, thanks to the help of Dr. Cooke, my pain decrease drastically. I’m feeling great again. I’ve gone to a chiropractor before, but it was nothing like Dr. Cooke’s work. He did a great job!!!!!! AND his staff was excellent and a joy to be with.

Zoe H.

I went to The Body Chiropractic after experiencing a 4 car accident. It left me with neck, shoulder, back and knee pain. Let me tell you, Dr. Cooke and his staff are absolutely amazing! Dr. Cooke is so dedicated and he gives each client his undivided attention. He and his staff are very professional, friendly, compassionate people who take pride into getting their clients recovered. You guys rock! I highly recommend their services!

Kevin Gyurina, DC, CCWP, RM

Chiropractor, Reiki Master, Quantum & Intuitive Healer

Dr. Brian is a sincere and caring individual that is always there to lend a helping hand. He always has a smile on his face and you can tell he takes …more

Brook Mitchell

Director of Business Development – Finance Sector at Logfiller

Dr. Brian Cooke is a great example of what a doctor should be. He is patient, knowledgeable, compassionate and above all else passionate about what he does and his desire to provide his patients with the absolute best possible care for their condition. Not only is he a focused physician but an advocate of the community as well. His drive for public awareness has not only helped others find ways to relieve pain but prevent future injuries. It was a pleasure working with him and I strongly encourage you do the same!

David Campbell

Chiropractor at Living Well Chiropractic

Dr. Brian is a fine chiropractor with a wonderful set of skills and tools to help patients achieve a wellness lifestyle.

Ron Boesch

Professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic

Dr. Brian does an excellent job and pays attention to detail. He is a very sound clinician.